Wedding Policy for Adams United Methodist Church



  • A wedding is a sacred ritual in the life of the church and should be treated as such.

  • The wedding and the rehearsal must be scheduled either through the current minister or the chair of the hospitality committee.

  • No more than one wedding may take place in a day.

  • Weddings will not be performed on these days: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Palm Sunday, any day during Holy Week (including the day before Easter), Easter Sunday, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or Sundays.

  • The current minister of AUMC must perform the marriage ceremony.  If you would like a relative or friend to co-officiate, that person will be invited by the officiating pastor of AUMC.

  • The current minister of AUMC must meet and counsel the couple prior to the rehearsal of the wedding.  Premarital counseling is strongly encouraged, either with the minister of AUMC or from a licensed marriage and family therapist.


  • If you would like one of our church musicians to play, please let the pastor know.  They may request an honorarium for their time.

  • Music must be provided for the rehearsal.

  • Music must be appropriate for a worship service.  The music does not necessarily have to be “religious,” per say, but appropriate for a family event.


  • AUMC understands photography and videography are important ways to remember and celebrate this big day. 

  • Videography is allowed anywhere on the church grounds before and after the ceremony. 

  • Videotaping is only allowed in the back of the sanctuary once the ceremony begins.

  • Photography is allowed anywhere on the church grounds before and after the ceremony.

  • The photographer must stay in the back of the sanctuary during the ceremony and have their flash OFF.  No flash photography is permitted during the ceremony.

  • The photographer may not stop members of the wedding party as they enter or leave the sanctuary.


  • Decorations are permitted, but the symbols of the church must remain and must not be blocked from view. 

  • All furniture stays where it is placed with the exception of the violinist’s chair.

  • Please do not use tape, staples, or tacks to secure decorations to the walls or pews.

  • Seasonal decorations are to remain in place.

  • An aisle runner may be used as long as it is secure and does not pose a threat to the wedding party.


  • The fellowship hall may be reserved for a reception.

  • Alcohol is not permitted to be served or consumed on the premises.

  • Please do not throw rice inside or outside the church for your “exit.”  Sparklers are permitted as long as they are outside and at least 15 feet from the building. Bubbles are appropriate to use outside the church.  Biodegradable confetti may be used as well.


  • Members and children of members will not be charged for the use of sanctuary or the fellowship hall.

  • Non-members will be charged a non-refundable $200 deposit for the reservation of the sanctuary and fellowship hall.  $100 for the reservation of just the sanctuary.